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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Siuala ning Pamanangis

Alaya ing kamumulan… Alang anggang penibatan… Alang anggang kapupusan…Alaya ing kauakasan

The alaya is the beginning, the end and everything. Everything is Alaya even our own existence, identity… everything.

Kapampangans or the true Kapampangans know the alaya. But in the sands of time we, Kapampangans, are being drifted away from the core of alaya. We are losing our identity, our language, our culture, our heritage. We are losing everything. And when we lose everything we lose the alaya.

Mababating ne ing panga-ala!

Kapampangans pride themselves as the best cook in the Philippine archipelago. Kapampangans are one of the biggest ‘ethnic’ groups in the Philippine nation. Kapampangans are one of the biggest chunks whose existence is at the brink of death. Death caused by modernization, commercialization, veneration without understanding for others, etc. But the very root cause of the death of the Kapampangans is the Kapampangans themselves. We are embracing others which is an act of a self-flaggelation.

Language defines one very own culture and identity. From the time when we were incepted in the womb of our mothers we have language in our core. Even in the last second of our life we have language in our core. However, this language may progress and it can regress depending on how we act. Kapampangans boast to the world that they have the ‘amanung sisuan’. This act of self-fulfillment is nothing but an empty act of the people who have a rotting core. How can we pride the amanung sisuan if we ourselves are killing and shaving it off from the very core of our identity? Kapampangans do not use Kapampangan; rather, they use the Filipino/Tagalog which is not the language they sucked! They are on the perception that this language will unite them but this is not the reality. The language which they perceived to be the language of unity is the language of slavery and the language of death.

Atiu ku Sampernandu bat king kakung kaluguran malapit St. Jude
            Aku: Bayad pu pakiabut nap u.
            Drayber: Saan to?
            Aku: *Mepali balugbug* Keng duloris. Sakayan SM. Balu ie pu?
            Drayber: Oo.
              *Naydanang draiber nini nanung pamaniabian na?!*

Kabang magbiai sinake la reng mi-inda.
            Inda: Anak, eme pupulutan ian. Dirty ia an. Eia good.
            Anak: Opu mommy.
            Inda: Seat ka keni. Behave ka mu ne.   
            Anak: Opu mommy.

Those who know their own history are on their way to progress. Chinese did it. Japanese are living it. Japanese in every aspect of their life they have integrated their rich history. For example their anime, tv shows, novels etc. How about the Kapampangans? Do they know their own history? Do they know the Tarik Suliman? Do they know Francisco Maniago? Do they know that Pampanga was once an independent nation in this archipelago? They study other culture’s history. They venerate other nations’ stories. But have they read and enrich their mind with their own history, arts and culture? Honestly no. Kapampangans are lost. They are losing. They will lose. And they will die.

            Ing sukal ning lub ku susukdul king banua!
            Mangurus kung gamat babo ning la mesa.
            Ninu mang menakit king singsing kung mana.
            Kalulung pusu ku manginu ia keka!

Kapampangans are on their way to the path of extinction. They can blame but they don’t have anyone to blame except themselves. The alaya is dying and not all Kapampangans are trying to revive it. Pampanga is no longer the Pampanga the way it was before. Pampanga and the Kapampangans have long lost their identity. They have lost the alaya. They have lost everything. Mate la at mete la!

            Dapot pete de ing Siuala
            Ing Siuala eia dapat mauala    
            Ing siuala ing mamie sala
            Uling ing siuala menibat ia king Ala!

PS: Pasensiya na nung ala lang diacritical marks...

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